Find product patient assistance resources and enrollment forms right inside the EHR

Sherpa search-to-signature automation saves HCPs’ time and helps patients access and afford their medications.

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When finding and applying for PAPs is difficult, they go unused

Patient assistance programs (PAPs) can ease the burden on patients by making prescription drugs more affordable and easier to access. But if locating those resources and connecting them to eligible patients becomes too time-consuming or complicated for HCPs, they go unused.

The Sherpa app eases the path to utilization by meeting HCPs inside the EHR, where they already spend most of their workday.

Sherpa natively embeds search tools and resources in the EHR, where it pairs eligible patients with your brand’s most up-to-date links to savings cards and patient assistance programs. Then Sherpa guides HCPs through the application and submission process with online forms pre-populated directly from the patient record.

See how Sherpa delivers HCPs the most direct route to patient resource utilization in our guide, Prevent Patient Assistance Program “Cart Abandonment.”

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Sherpa makes it easier for HCPs to prescribe the products they want

Faster brand search

HCPs find the brand they want fast with an A-Z search function within the patient record.

Streamlined communication

Streamline enrollments and communications with embedded search-to-signature workflow.

Track submissions

Track signatures and hub submissions using the patient dashboard feature.

Pre-populated forms

Virtually eliminate completion errors with forms securely stored in and pre-populated by the EHR.



Sherpa makes thousands of patient resources available to your patients

Sherpa currently connects to patient resources for more than 100 life science brands and more than 2,500 patient assistance programs. Plus, the Sherpa app is a free download for HCPs!

Learn more about how Sherpa makes life simpler for HCPs, patients and your brand.

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