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Defend Your Value: Syncing Evidence Strategies to Prepare for US Value Assessments

The push for value-based care has fueled a dramatic rise in value assessment activity in the United States. ICER plans to evaluate all new treatments and there is a growing willingness by payers to utilize these evaluations for coverage decisions, as seen in the recent announcement from CVS. Now more than ever, it's critical to understand the ICER review process and synchronize evidence generation with pricing and market access activities. Download the white paper to:

  • Learn how best to prepare for an assessment by ICER or other third parties
  • Understand the most effective response techniques once an ICER review is under way
  • Recognize how assessing evidence gaps and subsequent evidence-generation can inform value assessments
  • Identify successful approaches for preparing public responses and public hearing talking points

Authored by Precision Xtract’s Larry Blandford, PharmD, and Ross Maclean, MD, PhD, this informative white paper provides a clear overview of the value assessment landscape.

Winning Strategies for Defending
the Value of Your Product

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