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  • Market access decisions are not conducted in a vacuum; your access strategy development shouldn’t be either. Count on our advanced analytics combined with deep professional experience—including our internal former payer decision makers—to help you understand the ecosystem, identify audience targeting, and develop strategies to maximize product potential at launch and beyond.

  • Market access and funding pathways

    Innovative therapies may require new procedures, new care settings, or new ways of thinking about a disease—all of which may make the path to reimbursement less clear. That’s why we start 2 to 4 years prior to launch assessing, validating, and mapping the steps required to secure reimbursement for your product at national, regional, and local levels across key markets.

  • Archetypes and segmentation

    Using archetypes that categorize individual customers based on behaviors that matter most, you can deepen your understanding of payers and organized providers (eg, IDNs), then prioritize them more effectively through novel segmentation based on customer needs and brand value.

  • Formulary and cost-share analytics

    Our predictive models examine the influence of payer formulary and benefit design on prescribing at an individual health care provider level. This informs access strategy at the payer level as well as guiding field sales targeting activities.

  • Local market ecosystem strategy and insights

    Our detailed local market maps of payers and organized providers, from IDNs to member institutions and health care providers, provide insights otherwise missed and strategic direction for specialty and primary care products.

  • chart

    Closed Loop Market Access Marketing Approach to Brand Promotions Enabled by Better Data and Insight-Focused Analysis

  • Distribution strategy

    Many things affect drug distribution economics: the patient’s site of care, pharmacy, and insurance, as well as differences in actual product utilization. Strategies built with an understanding of these factors result in more effective promotional tactics.

  • Competitive access strategy

    Successful access strategies—for pricing, value messaging and support, targeting, or evidence strategy—begin with realistic views of likely competitor actions and customer responses. Because it is easy to dismiss potential access threats, we support robust competitive strategy development.

    • Dynamic competitive simulation

      Immersive and focused competitive exercises are designed to pressure-test pricing and access strategies and identify potential blind spots in a dynamic competitive environment.

    • Scenario planning and modeling

      A strategy/decision-tree structure depicts various decision paths, and models the expected financial/economic impact of each to predict competitor and customer behavior.

    • Panel-moderated scenario workshops

      Live workshops with our internal team of payer advisors examine potentially disruptive scenarios and develop mitigating strategies.

  • Value proposition development and message testing

    For your value story to be compelling, it needs to answer critical payer questions related to market dynamics, unmet need perceptions, product details, and potential economic impact. Our proprietary 5-step value message process can help, enabling you to identify, craft, and disseminate a story that positions your value through the lens of the payer. This story then becomes the foundation for your value communication tools, ranging from global value dossiers and health economic models to payer objection handlers and negotiation guides—all positioning you to maximize price, access, and uptake.

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    Commercial Innovation
  • Larry Blandford, PharmD Executive Vice President,
    Managing Partner
  • Greg Berzolla, MBA Senior Vice President
  • Steve Carter Senior Vice President
  • Harry Grant Schiavi Executive Vice President
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