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  • Ultimately, a patient’s ability to access your product rests on the success of your contracting strategy—which itself must continually evolve as the environment shifts. Changes in the marketplace or the regulatory environment—or even in your value or evidence strategies—have implications for contracting. We can help you evaluate their impact, then manage your approach so you are always maximizing your access relative to the current market landscape.

  • Contracting simulations

    Successful, sustainable contracting strategy needs to address both competitive behavior and customer reaction, in a quantifiable manner. By combining authentic insights from our team of former decision makers with robust contracting impact models that capture both the manufacturer and customer perspective, Precision Xtract helps clients develop contracting approaches that yield profitable access, are attractive to customers, and withstand competitive pressure.

  • Contracting strategy and guidelines

    We combine access analytics at payer and prescriber level with customer-specific application of product value propositions to tailor a contract strategy with guidelines and gross-to-net implications specifically to your brand's therapeutic class and market position.

  • Value-Based contracting

    With the pressure on rising drug prices and a broader shift to value-based reimbursement, value-based contracting is growing as a method to align product price with value. Harnessing our unique blend of experiences as economic evidence strategists, pharma contracting leads, modeling experts, and payer formulary decision makers, we align your product’s value proposition with contracting concepts that are both meaningful and practical for implementation. We also leverage our data management capabilities to measure performance and provide a feedback loop that evolves concepts, guides customer targeting, and supports concept communications.

  • J. Bruce Leavitt EVP, Commercial Innovation
  • Steve Carter Senior Vice President
  • Jason Shafrin, PhD Senior Director
  • Contracting

    Contract Scenario Database A database of 600+ individual payer formulary entities supports accurate estimates on brand sales volume of nearly any formulary access scenario.
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