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  • Unlock the full potential of your data assets and infrastructure. CDMS enables life sciences companies to accelerate their time to commercial insights by transforming data and infrastructure to deliver actionable insights.

  • Payer Master

    Subscription-based, regularly updated payer spine and bridge files to 3rd-party, specialty pharmacy, copay, hub and rebate data sources

    With the Payer Master, you will be able to:

    • Establish a series of actionable, recognizable, and differentiated payer names through 3 levels for use across managed markets reporting platforms
    • Provide a master payer spine and create a common definition of a payer for use across functional areas of a pharmaceutical company to allow meaningful integration of data across vendors
    • Support all major forms of vendor data via bridge files; bridge files also available for specialty pharmacy data
    • Continuously review names and bridge files to capture the most current data available and appropriately classify payers in the most relevant manner, with updates delivered to client partners on a monthly basis

  • Rx Bin-PCN Group Library

    Unmask BIN-PCN Group IDs and connect to the rest of your payer data universe

    • First-of-its-kind, subscription-based translation service unmasks and connects complex payer information hidden in data sets.
    • Subscribers can immediately master BIN-PCN Group identifiers contained in specialty pharmacy, direct reporting pharmacy, hub, copay and other healthcare data sources.
    • Provides detailed channel descriptors for commercial health plans, employers, unions, worker’s compensation, ADAP, Medicare, EGWP, managed Medicaid, state Medicaid, and voucher programs.
    • Unlocks a previously unattainable level of analytical insights to multiple stakeholders— including pharmaceutical manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, payers, data aggregators, PBMs, EMR vendors and hospital systems.
    • Enables accurate measurement of transaction volume, the impact of data capture issues; helps control downstream delays in reimbursement.
    • Powered by Precision’s cross-asset data clearinghouse; governed and stewarded by a dedicated team of payer data experts.

    Start unmasking your data— use an existing BIN-PCN Group number and run a free test demo, on-demand!


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  • Data Warehouse

    Full cloud-based data warehouse development, migration and managed services with prefab data models, connectors, and visualizations

    • Deliver a highly scalable, big data solution with a modern technology stack (such as Snowflake®, S3, Apache Spark™, Casandra™, Airflow, Lambda, Databricks™, DataStax™) and market leading data connectors; accelerate time to utility of the warehouse and time to insight from the warehouse
    • First-of-its kind, Snowflake and Datastax based architecture that delivers a true cloud based warehouse unlocking the full power offered by modern technology
    • Pre-build data models that integrate Claims, Transaction, Formulary, Alignment, MDM, Omnichannel, Digital Media, Speciality Pharmacy, Hub, Copay, Rebate, CRM and other sources to support all commercial business units
    • Puts the control and ownership back with the clients, with no black boxes and no IP getting in the way
  • Blue Indigo Formulary Data Management

    First of its kind, third-party formulary data governance system

    • Account executives have ownership and engagement in the data flowing through the company
    • Improve data accuracy with account manager override capabilities and preemptive changes to future values, based on account intelligence
    • Experience significant savings in time and effort by replacing inefficient payer coverage-related communication across the organization
    • 24×7 online tool


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  • Commercial Data Management Solutions

    Payer Master
    Payer Master Industry-leading, turnkey, payer master with bridge files to multiple data sources.
    Rx Bin-PCN Group Library
    Rx Bin-PCN Group Library Unmask BIN-PCN Group IDs and connect to the rest of your payer data universe.
    Data Warehouse
    Data Warehouse Full cloud-based data warehouse development, migration with Enterprise Reporting, MDM and managed services.
    Blue Indigo Formulary Data Management
    Blue Indigo Formulary Data Management First-of-its-kind, third-party formulary governance system.
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