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  • Most pharmaceutical companies find it challenging to master the wide array of available data in order to measure each market stakeholder’s influence on an individual brand. The Precision Xtract master data management team has the experience, tools, and know-how to master all your payer, specialty pharmacy, and health system data sets, so you have a powerful understanding of their individual and collective impact.

    Our team unites deep expertise in an array of payer and provider data sets with strong data-architecting capabilities, enabling us to combine data sets in a wide variety of ways that maximize business insights. Our experience spans the staging, mapping, and manipulation of most data sets in use by the pharmaceutical industry, including data acquired directly from wholesalers and specialty pharmacy providers. We are proficient in the use of all data sets, and since we are not data vendors, we are uniquely positioned to provide informed and unbiased advice on new data acquisitions.

  • Payer data mastering

    We master payer prescription, formulary, and claims data sources from multiple data vendors with a business-driven payer spine to produce a more robust understanding of payer influence at the payer, formulary, geographic, and HCP level.

    • Payer spine with taxonomy & hierarchy
      • Prescription and formulary data bridge
      • Specialty pharmacy bridge
      • HEDIS measure bridge
    • Contract rebate submission data bridge
  • Organized provider data mastering

    We master provider data in a way that captures the influence over a product’s utilization across the local market continuum of care—from IDNs to independent physician group practices.

    • IDN/health system/ASOC & PGP taxonomy & hierarchy
    • IDN/health system/ACO quality measure bridge
    • EHR vendor bridge
  • chart
  • Specialty pharmacy mastering

    Through our experienced staff’s deciphering of unique BIN/PCN/Group/Names found in specialty pharmacy data and unique data bridge to payer entities created in our industry leading payer hierarchy, we are able to enable payer specialty drug data to be reported using the same payer names and formulary data bridge as primary care drugs.

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  • Aaron Salamon
    Aaron Salamon Senior Director
  • Ashwin Athri
    Ashwin Athri, MBA Senior Vice President
  • Brett DiNatale
    Brett DiNatale, PhD Director
  • Data Management Services

    Payer Spine and Hierarchy Our prescription and formulary data-bridging file creates one source of access “truth” for access analysis from a national level to an individual healthcare provider.
  • specialty-pharma-bridge
    Specialty Pharmacy Data Bridge A bridge file of specialty pharmacy data—including Bin, PCN, and Group details —provides critical visibility at the click of a mouse.
  • health-system-taxonomy
    Health System Taxonomy A series of actionable, recognizable and differentiated institutional names is the basis for developing a robust customer master to enrich reporting, analysis, and CRM visualization.
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