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Meet with Precision at ISPOR in New Orleans
Co-hosted by HealthEconomics.com, this panel discussion features four of our top HEOR thought leaders in conversation with moderator and HealthEconomics.com CEO Patti Peeples.
This expert panel tackle head-on some of the hottest topics and trends in health economics and outcomes research today, and what you need to know to be successful in 2020. From projections on the direction of gene and cellular therapy to open source modeling, these thought leaders will keep you engaged in a lively on-camera conversation.
HEOR panel experts include:
Dr. Peter Neumann, Precision Xtract Consultant and Director of the Center for the Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health (CEVR), Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies at Tufts Medical Center

Dr. Anupam Bapu Jena, Precision Xtract Scientific Advisor and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Jeroen Jansen, Chief Scientist-HEOR at Precision Xtract and leading expert on evidence synthesis and modeling

Dr. Kathy Lang, Vice President, HEOR at Precision Xtract and an expert in leveraging real-world data using primary and secondary sources.
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