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  • An effective pricing strategy can be as critical to commercial success as an effective product. You need early insight into market dynamics and a thorough understanding of price-access sensitivities across all your stakeholders, as well as an understanding of how they shift within various scenarios. Leveraging well-honed expertise and proprietary tools, we model access and reimbursement economics, evaluate trade-offs, optimize your pricing, and unlock related promotional opportunities—always delivering actionable recommendations.

  • Early pricing and reimbursement strategy

    Prior to making a launch decision, you need to assess your commercial opportunity. Our proven pricing and access framework provides the structure, logically collating and ordering complex issues. We first thoroughly assess the underlying market dynamics, then test the value proposition, pricing and access implications with key stakeholders. Finally, we evaluate product- and market-level trade-offs to optimize pricing and access. The robustness of the framework enables us to manage change when it comes, analyze its implications to our findings, and provide a clear set of actionable recommendations for your product.

  • Quantitative multi-stakeholder launch pricing

    To develop a sustainable launch-pricing strategy you need a deep understanding of price-access sensitivities across key decision makers. We use a unique approach, developed over hundreds of projects, of phone-assisted web surveys to uncover both qualitative insight and quantitative feedback on proposed pricing. Based on that research, we deliver a revenue-optimizing pricing strategy, as well as evidence strategies that could bolster long-term price potential or product value.

  • Pricing modeling and risk assessments

    Every manufacturer, competitor, and customer decision has the potential to affect your pricing and market access. That’s why we use a robust array of cutting-edge pricing and decision modeling tools to explore potential scenarios, integrating research and analyses across multiple customer segments to quantify the relationship between pricing, access, demand, and net revenue. These assessments can:

    • Quantify the relationship between price (list and net), access, demand, and net revenue to help make pricing recommendations
    • Accurately depict reimbursement economics to better understand the impact of pricing, contracting, and reimbursement decisions across a variety of customer types, and refine net pricing strategy accordingly
    • Quantify the financial risks and benefits of various risk-based pricing agreements, from both the manufacturer and customer perspective
  • Launch sequencing

    Your launch sequence impacts your commercial opportunity, so a strong launch strategy is imperative for both early- and late-stage products. Our broad experience across multiple therapeutic areas and indications enables us to perform rapid yet thorough assessments of indication prioritization and sequencing; further, our internal payer strategy team is available to discuss any key uncertainties. Closer to launch, we help develop market launch sequencing and offer insight into the direct and indirect price referencing activities and practices across market systems.

  • Harry Grant Schiavi Executive Vice President
  • Alex Grosvenor Senior Vice President
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