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  • To realize share from your brand’s negotiated market access, pull-through communications need to be targeted and relevant to each health care provider’s patient population. Traditional pull-through platforms do not support health care provider–level specificity. Ours do. We offer a proven proprietary system that delivers HCP-specific access messages tailored to best convey your brand’s access information.

  • Cost & Coverage (C&C) Communicator

    • Formulary Access Pull-Through (Primary Care)

    • Formulary Access Pull-Through (Specialty)

    • Formulary Access Pull-Through (Oncology)

    Prescribers are motivated by access information that is specific to their practice. Using a proprietary algorithm, the C&C Communicator delivers relevant cost and coverage information tailored to each prescriber and your brand’s access situation, enabling you to significantly improve pull-through and increase prescriber confidence in your brand. Here is what the C&C Communicator provides your product leaders and field force:

    • Relevant information tailored to each prescriber’s unique access landscape
    • Accurate data on local payer coverage and cost shares
    • Timely updates on formulary wins
    • Consistent branded, templated communications
    • Efficient updates with no brand or agency staff required
    • Clean interface that is easy for sales representatives to understand and use
    • Delivery through native applications, integration with Veeva, Web, or email
    • Proven increase in prescriber share over traditional pull-through messaging
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    Specialty drug–specific pull-through platform puts access to EHR information and specialty drug reimbursement support information at your fingertips.

  • Quality pull-through

    Support your brand’s population health initiatives, including improved adherence, with dynamic quality measure information and messages. These messages resonate with HCPs because they have information specific to the payers, health systems, and ACOs that are of most interest to an HCP. Quality pull-through benefits have many commonalities with the Cost & Coverage Communicator:

    • Messaging consistent with branded, templated communications
    • Efficient information updates with virtually no client involvement
    • Clean interface that is easy for sales representatives to understand and use
    • Content delivery through native applications, integration with Veeva, Web, or email
  • Quality access targeting and pre-call planning

    Improve sales force targeting and pull-through messaging by measuring individual HCP response and pull-through opportunities. Here’s how we help target the best opportunities:

    • The market access promotional response indices incorporate the payer and organized provider influence on individual HCP prescribing, so you can modify your call lists and detail planning based on changes in your brand’s access.
    • Pull-through opportunity measures support pre-call planning by estimating the incremental TRx gain available from pull-through messaging for both unrestricted access and formulary wins.

    Both measures include the estimated incremental spillover effect from an individual payer formulary win on HCP prescribing for patients who are covered by other health plans, increasing overall accuracy.

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  • Ashwin Athri, MBA Senior Vice President
  • Eric Daugherty Senior Vice President
  • Marie Davenport Director
  • Pull-Through

    C&C Communicator Proven to increase prescriber market share, these actionable pre-call planning information and messages are tailored to each target prescriber’s practice.
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