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Get the New White Paper: What Do Value Assessments Miss?
Download the new white paper from Precision Scientific Advisor and Harvard professor Dr. Anupam Jena: What Do Value Assessments Miss? Rethinking Value Using New Health Economics Evidence.
Adapted from his recent highly-attended webinar, this white paper explores how the definition of value can extend beyond quality and cost of care, to include other important dimensions that should be factored into developing accurate value frameworks. Dr. Jena presents a fresh approach on value assessment strategies and accompanying evidence synthesis.
This new white paper will help you:
  • Learn about important components of value that traditional cost-effectiveness methods miss
  • Understand approaches to address affordability challenges posed by high-cost but valuable treatments
  • Identify practical steps that can promote use of the highest value treatments while reducing spending on low-value services
Start developing your value assessment strategy immediately—download this free, informative white paper from Precision Xtract and Dr. Jena today.
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