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Precision Xtract leads the pharmaceutical industry with data-driven, fully integrated omnichannel pull-through solutions, powered by HCP-specific market access messages

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HCP-level market access messaging

With Access Genius, you can drill down to the practice level to accurately show HCPs what percentage of their own patients will have unrestricted access to your drug.

EHR Connect

Improved awareness during patient care

Leverage EHR functionality for your brand. Make it easier for HCPs to keep your brand top of mind and prescribe it when they are making clinical decisions.

Formulary access scoring

Make critical prelaunch decisions based on data from 3,000 brands and more than 50 factors affecting market access. Formulary Access Strength Test (FAST) insights set you up for more wins.

Thought Leadership

Four Ways Pharma Can Use Digital To Keep Patients The Central Focus

In 2001 the Institute of Medicine named patient centered care one of six keys to delivering high-quality care. How can pharma companies keep patients center stage while in the midst of a digital transformation?

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The Precision Cost & Coverage platform moves market access messaging to new heights.

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