Discover how Access Genius personalized market access messaging increases HCP engagement and pull-through success

With our HCP-specific market access messaging, you will outperform traditional approaches. Access Genius brand marketers consistently achieve increased prescription rates, market share growth and social media engagement.


Give individual HCPs the most relevant cost and coverage information available.

Most formulary tools deliver a general, geography-based message. But an HCP’s actual patient population does not fit into an estimation based on ZIP codes. With Access Genius, you personalize your market access messaging to the specific patient population for each individual targeted HCP.

By incorporating Access Genius market access messaging across all of your sales and marketing channels, your sales reps and marketers deliver relevant messages that grow HCP engagement and differentiate your brand. And when HCPs understand the cost and coverage details of your brand, specific to their patients, they are better informed — at the exact times when they are making clinical decisions — to prescribe the appropriate drug therapy for each of their patients.

Better-performing market access messaging is based on smarter data.

The Access Genius intelligent data algorithm combines transaction and claims data (down to the NPI level), formulary data, and attribute and alignment data to generate optimal HCP messaging with practice-specific information. Based on your brand strategy, our Account Solutions team collaborates on the business rules to configure the Access Genius adaptive algorithm with your team.

Access Genius personalized market access messaging includes:

  • AI-optimized market access messaging tailored to individual HCPs
  • Accurate percentages of patients covered for each HCP patient population reinforced by the top payers represented in each HCP practice
  • Localized plan/payer names that HCPs are familiar with
  • Patient out-of-pocket costs for your brand — and competitors’ — for plans represented in a practice (when market access source data is available)
  • Multiple message categories for sales rep and marketing flexibility

Access Genius offers multiple message types with extensive omnichannel delivery options. This ensures that each HCP, no matter what channel they’re tuned into, receives your messaging and understands the value, cost, coverage and market access for your brand.

Extensive delivery platforms include:

  • Interactive Visual Aids
  • Print on Demand (POD) portal for rep-customized sell sheets
  • Veeva Approved Email
  • Email and Direct Mail
  • Social
  • Tele-detailing
  • HCP Website
  • EHR
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Pharma marketers using Access Genius see results:


93% More Prescriptions

HCPs who received Access Genius cost and coverage messaging for a specialty drug wrote 93% more prescriptions than HCPs not receiving that messaging. Among HCPs whose patients had the fewest access restrictions to the brand, market share jumped by 183%.


Doubled Prescribing Rates

Over 12 months, HCPs who received Access Genius messaging about a major brand doubled their prescription rates vs. a control group that received only general market access information. In this same study, the manufacturer reported increased duration of sales rep time with HCPs and increased use of digital sales aid by sales reps using Access Genius tools.


300%+ Increase in Social Engagement

An international healthcare company partnered with Access Genius to execute a campaign in Doximity. The team sent personalized market access messaging to individual HCPs within their newsfeeds. As a result, they saw the rate of engagement (defined as click-through) more than triple.

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