You only have one shot to launch a drug! Assess your market access risk to build better forecasts, commercial strategies, and resource allocations – actionable insights to successfully launch with confidence.

Actionable Insights: Assess the overall and beneficiary-level access strength for a pre-launch drug while identifying the product and market attributes that influence access strength.

Confident Decisions: Indexed score is generated by a sophisticated statistical model that considers 3,000 US FDA product approvals since 1980 across 50+ product and market attributes.


Inform GTN forecast and commercialization strategies.

The access strength scoring for your launch drug’s profile reflects predicted overall and beneficiary-level (Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid) formulary coverage at year 1 & 2 post launch and objectively informs an initial GTN forecast – e.g., account for the impact of government mandated concessions for Medicare and Medicaid by understanding the impact of price on access in the various channels.

Acquire instant and timely insights.

Using advanced network algorithms and machine learning, predictive market access strength scores are generated instantaneously based on a monthly refreshed database of FDA approved drugs – 3,000 approvals since 1980 and growing. Access strength scores have been validated to greater than 85% accuracy for in-sample predictions.

Confirm the right analog for your launch.

Explore market access strength scores for multiple analogue drugs that share similar key attributes with your launch drug. Analogue scores are based upon access in years following FDA approval. Leverage insights to improve forecasting and learnings to strengthen your drug’s market access.

Act on attributes that influence launch drug market access.

A market access driver analysis identifies the degree and direction to which individual drug and market attributes are determining your drug’s access strength. Understand which attributes can be affected by manufacturer decisions and guide your launch planning and resource allocation.

What makes FAST insights more valuable to pharma marketers? Results are objectively based on robust data.


3,000 Total Drug Approvals

We leverage data from 3,000 drug approvals since 1980.


50+ Product & Market Attributes

We analyze over 50 variables that contribute to a drug launch’s formulary access.


750 Recent Analogues & Access

We analyze product coverage since 2017 to reflect up to date trends in payer management, including 750+ FDA approvals in these years alone.


3000+ Observations Per Payer

Model has been trained with over 3000 observations per payer from analyzing approvals since 2017.

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