Deliver the right message to the right HCP in the right channel

Change HCPs’ perceptions and realize double-digit Rx growth with personalized access messaging on an omnichannel platform.



Cost & Coverage Communicator

HCPs’ perceptions about the cost and coverage of your brand have a direct effect on market share. And those perceptions often do not reflect reality. Access restrictions tend to be exaggerated, and as they increase, HCP perceptions of negative access increase exponentially. The Precision Xtract Cost & Coverage Communicator is an easy-to-implement, omnichannel solution proven to change perceptions by delivering HCP-specific cost and coverage information resulting in sustained double-digit share growth for 12 months.


  • Integrates Rx, formulary, and cost data for highly accurate, local, and relevant HCP-specific pull-through messages
  • Incorporates identifiable and actionable payer names personalized for increased HCP engagement
  • Draws from your existing market access data sources
  • Expands pull-through messaging easily into your digital marketing omnichannel strategy for consistent HCP engagement


  • Proven double-digit Rx growth vs control
  • Proven sustained success for 12 months vs control
  • Proven incremental share growth versus formulary tool competitors

Specialty Access & Reimbursement Communicator

HCP perceptions about coverage and reimbursement for your specialty brand have a direct effect on prescriptions. Even though an HCP may be sold on your clinical benefits, the access and reimbursement challenges are very real and may prevent HCPs from using your brand.

Precision Xtract’s Specialty Access & Reimbursement Communicator is an easy-to-implement, omnichannel solution that can be customized to enable your pull-through strategy and reimbursement resources, simplifying the complexities of prescribing and first fill for HCPs and their office staff.

  • Personalized Access Messaging – Dynamic AI algorithm produces HCP-specific messages aligned to your brand strategy and relevant to your HCPs’ patient populations
  • Suite of Resources – Fully customizable platform highlights savings programs, reimbursement services, and related forms or links to ensure the first script
  • Omnichannel Platform – Easily integrates with your digital marketing strategy and engages HCPs through their preferred channels
  • Pharmacy and/or Medical Coverage – Flexibility to deliver medical and/or pharmacy coverage pull-through messages

EHR Solutions

Although 87% of HCPs use EHRs on a regular basis, many are often frustrated by the complexity, lack of standardization, and reduced productivity of working in an EHR environment. Precision Xtract EHR Solutions provide simplified tools and resources to personalized HCP strategies such as appropriate patient identification and order set updates to facilitate the efficient and accurate prescribing for your brand in the HCP’s EHR.

EHR solutions to ease diagnosis, treatment, access, and adherence in the EHR.

Help HCPs ensure the safe and appropriate use of your brand by:

  • Generating appropriate patient lists
  • Ensuring your brand is available in the applicable order sets
  • Adding your brand to the list of an HCP ‘Favorites’
  • Leveraging additional Clinical decision support functionality

HCP Pull-through Opportunity Scores

Having the right tools but not knowing where to use them can be worse than having no tools at all. Precision Xtract’s HCP Opportunity Scores capture payer access influence on brand utilization in the form of an incremental Rx pull-through target for each HCP.

Our Scores have been demonstrated as the most explanatory measures of HCP access environment factors across multiple therapeutic classes and improve both Sales team and omnichannel pull-through targeting.