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Webinar: Creating and Launching Experiences: The Role of Personalization in Market Access Marketing

Pharma companies’ engagement of HCPs is often disjointed and ineffective. Typically, we focus on one channel, one tactic, or one marketing exercise at a time with limited or no success. Traditional product launch tactics such as campaigns are no longer effective, particularly when they are not targeted, relevant, and specific.

There are more than 5000 different marketing automation systems used to stage millions of campaigns annually with .05% conversion. Why? Because one-to-many marketing doesn’t work. One-to-one marketing is better, but the ideal is ‘always-on marketing,’ where content delivery is triggered in response to a question or intent by the user. Now, with the advent of real-time AI and the undisputable benefits to both business outcomes and customer experiences, the only remaining challenges are around culture and inertia.

To take it a step further, 3 things must absolutely change to help Pharma companies launch experiences and have more effective engagement:

  • The move from one-to-many segmentation to a one-to-one customer approach
  • The move from channel and product-driven targeting to a central decision authority
  • The move from scheduled push campaigns to an always-on model that continuously engages customers during their moments of need

Learn how you can use an always-on marketing approach and hyper-personalization to create a better experience for your audience, and move from just launching products to launching experiences.

Watch on-demand here!