Modernize your market access pull-through

Modern market access pull-through

Today’s HCPs are busier than ever. And unfortunately for pharma sales representatives, a few minutes of face time may not be enough to communicate all the relevant information about your brand in a way that keeps your drug top of mind, breaks through the onslaught of messages from competing brands, or overcomes an existing negative brand perception.

In recent years, pharma brands have leaned into omnichannel marketing to increase the number of touchpoints with their HCPs. But sales teams often find it difficult to target appropriately or manage communication quickly, which can result in messaging that is outdated, over-generalized and confusing for the providers.

At the end of the day, HCPs need specific, current information to create more positive, frictionless patient experiences. And they need that information shared in a relevant, easy-to-consume way.

At the end of the day, HCPs need specific, current information to create more positive, frictionless patient experiences. And they need that information shared in a relevant, easy-to-consume way.

Build an effective strategy

So how do you create a strategy that meets the needs of healthcare providers, patients and your brand?

A modern market access pull-through strategy begins by ensuring the right message gets to the right audience — but it doesn’t stop there. The most effective efforts accomplish three mutually beneficial key objectives.

PULL-THROUGH KEY: Provide clarity

When an HCP considers prescribing a drug, they want to know how accessible it will be for their patient (in fact, market access drives 50% of that decision). But frequently changing plan restrictions means providers often rely on old information or prior experiences. Modern pull-through strategies drive clarity by:

  • Combining statistical data with multiple communication channels to identify each prescriber’s actual patient population and generate the market access messaging that will help their decision-making.
  • Providing practice-level data on plan coverage, copays and accurate restriction guidance, so prescribers can make decisions based on facts, not outdated information.

PULL-THROUGH KEY: Increase confidence

Information bombards HCPs throughout their day, so cutting through the noise and making it easy to prescribe is crucial. Modern pull-through strategies increase an HCP’s confidence to prescribe your brand by:

  • Using HCP-specific claims data with your formulary messaging so prescribers can anticipate restrictions and understand likely patient out-of-pocket costs as part of their decision-making process.
  • Focusing on practice-level insights to help providers identify the best clinical option their patients can access.

PULL-THROUGH KEY: Drive visibility

Channel selection can be difficult in an environment where new digital tools emerge frequently. Modern pull-through strategies look for ways to increase your brand’s visibility with HCPs across channels by:

  • Integrating your efforts with existing HCP workflows (like social media, your brand’s website, or other digital touchpoints) to help your brand stand out by sharing the right message at the right time.
  • Providing your market access messaging in multiple formats, such as print-on-demand leave-behinds or Veeva-approved emails.
  • Updating data and messaging immediately in several modalities to make it easier for HCPs to keep your brand top of mind and take action when they see an opportunity to improve the patient experience.

PULL-THROUGH KEY: Build relationships

Market access pull-through maintains top-of-mind awareness and is a great way to deepen brand reputation and relationship building. Modern pull-through strategies help your sales teams build relationships by:

  • Using thoughtfully designed communications to address potential objections proactively. For instance, communications can cover not only what specific restrictions an HCP could expect but also suggest ways to manage this restriction if it occurs.
  • Ensuring a consistent omnichannel strategy that supports your sales representatives by proactively overcoming objections and speeding the time to prescribe.

Boost your brand

In addition to supporting the needs of healthcare providers, an effective market access pull-through strategy can support your brand by:

Meeting provider expectations for transparency on affordability and accessibility

Busy HCPs need data on how accessible your drug is for their specific patient population – not general statistics. Targeted market access data helps your representatives meet and exceed HCP expectations.

Ensuring a positive patient experience after prescription

If your drug is too expensive, HCPs may prescribe it, but patients may not fill the script. When your representatives are armed with accurate restriction data and the tools to overcome those roadblocks, you make it simpler for patients to access your drug and easier for HCPs to see the results your clinical data promised.

Providing a streamlined path of communication between the HCP and sales representatives

Meeting HCPs where they are, whether in the office, on your website, checking email, or using social media, gives you more opportunities for targeted touchpoints. Being ready with accurate, up-to-date market access messaging builds trust and connection with your target HCPs.

Supporting brand reputation through positive experiences

Giving HCPs and patients better experiences with your brand helps your Rx rate in the short term and builds a solid foundation for your brand’s ongoing success.

Any meaningful omnichannel effort must align with your overall brand strategies, attribute and alignment data and provider-specific insights.

An exceptional market access pull-through strategy creates radical sales growth by first meeting the needs of healthcare providers and ensuring a better patient experience.

Ready to create your path towards radically effective Rx growth?