Integrated Clinical Data
Management Ecosystem


Payer Data Master

Pecision’s turnkey data-agnostic payer master with data enrichment provides the foundation for actionable insights.


Proprietary IDN Master and Reference Data

Connect data for meaningful cross-asset insights with HCP-HCO affiliations, best locations, best specialty, referral and influence mapping, and oncology customer masters.


Access to Longitudinal Patient Claims Data

Gain new insights by connecting the universe of complex healthcare data from a vast repository of clinical, claims, genomic and other non-standard vocabularies via Datavant key.


Hosted Native
Cloud Platform

Cloud-based analytic platform with prefab data models contribute to quicker processing of diverse, large data sets while reducing overhead support costs.


Turnkey Pharma
MDM System

Seamlessly connect HCP, HCO, product, and patient dimensions allowing for true Customer 360 profiles, via cloud-native, graph–based, massively scalable infrastructure.


Prefabricated Data Models

Precision’s RAP3iD ecosystem and platform architecture supports end-to-end needs, contributing to quicker processing of diverse, large data sets while reducing overhead support costs.


Specialty Aggregation
and Tokenization

Leverage our Specialty Product data management tools to integrate and tokenize data, allowing for real-time insights and actionable decision-making.


Reporting Suite

Master customer dimensions across data sources to enable data democratization.


HCP Alerts

Reports and alerts inform key go/no business decisions for a collaboratively defined market cohort.

RApid Payer, Provider & Patient Integrated Data Ecosystem


Unlock the full potential of your data assets with our Proprietary Payer Data Master, IDN Master, and Claims data allowing your organization to move from descriptive reporting to predictive analytics

Unlock the full potential of your data assets


Unlock the full potential of your infrastructure with our Commercial Data Warehouse, Master Data Management and Specialty Pharmacy Data products by leveraging pre-built data models enabling quicker set-up and speed to actionable insights

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Unlock the insights of tomorrow’s healthcare landscape with established Enterprise Reporting and Data Driven Insights allowing for a true 360 degree view of customers and markets across Payer, Provider, Channel, and HCP

Unlock the insights of tomorrow’s healthcare landscape

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