Unlock the full potential of your data assets and infrastructure

PRECISIONxtract’s Commercial Data Management Services (CDMS) enable life sciences companies to accelerate their time to commercial insights by transforming data and infrastructure to deliver actionable insights

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3 keys to data insights

Full cloud-based analytic platform with pre-fab data models

Turnkey payer and provider data masters with data enrichment

Analytics expertise, enterprise reporting and managed services

Enabling data science

Unlock the full potential of your data assets with deep knowledge of the marketplace, helping your organization evolve from descriptive reporting to predictive insights with a proven data architecture, robust analytic models and machine-learning capabilities

Unlock the full potential of your data infrastructure by employing a business-first model that focuses on speed to actionable insights, leveraging a dedicated team of pharmaceutical commercial data and analytic experts curating your data lakes and marts

Unlock the insights of tomorrow’s healthcare landscape with cross-asset insights, breaking down data silos and enabling quantification of local market power dynamics of payers, providers, channels and HCPs — creating a true customer 360

Payer Master

Industry-leading, turnkey payer master with bridge files to multiple data sources.

Blue Indigo Formulary Data Management

First-of-its-kind, third-party formulary governance system.

Data Warehouse

Full cloud-based data warehouse development, migration with Enterprise Reporting, MDM and managed services.

Rx BIN-PCN Group Library

Unmask BIN-PCN Group IDs and connect to the rest of your payer data universe.

Thought Leadership

Unlocking Insights Hidden in Contract Rebate Claims

Precision’s Ashwin Athri identifies the key challenges in working with the data and steps to take to gain significant insights, specifically for contract performance evaluation.

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Harmonize diverse data and deliver speedy actionable insights.

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