Patient Journey

Identify the most meaningful drivers of the patient journey

The PRECISIONxtract Patient Journey solution leverages a predictive algorithm to cluster and pinpoint the factors that drive a patient across their treatment journey. Knowing what influences behavior and why, you can build better forecasts and deliver more effective HCP-targeting activities to optimize patient success.

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Patient Journey Solution

A prescription is just the first step

For pharma, the patient journey typically starts when an HCP writes a prescription. Ideally, the patient fills the prescription and follows the course of treatment to completion. But course corrections and hurdles often arise. The patient might discontinue treatment, switch to a different drug therapy, or never fill the prescription in the first place.

Optimizing a patient’s journey can help them stay on course

When you have answers to key patient-centric business questions, you can focus on the drivers that will help patients achieve long-term successful outcomes, drivers such as co-pay assistance programs, HCP interventions, payer restrictions, and the channel in which the patient belongs. The Patient Journey solution generates insights to answer questions such as:

  • “Can we illustrate the variability in the early stage of the journey (i.e., 0-7 days) and decide if the effort to intervene is worthwhile?”
  • “When do we intervene in the journey and how?”
  • “For patients who have temporarily peaked and are aging out, how can we push them over to success?”
  • “How is predicted success affected when we receive new information on a patient?”
  • “Can a successful patient outcome be expected, and how do we measure it?”

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