HCP Behavioral Dynamics

Empower teams to target and engage your brand’s most valuable prescribers

The PRECISIONxtract HCP Behavioral Dynamics solution surfaces data-powered insights that make it possible for you to measurably influence HCP engagement and drive more effective strategies.

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Legacy HCP valuation strategies can be vulnerable

Pharma has traditionally relied on past experience and volume-based targeting to engage HCPs. But this approach can leave you at a disadvantage. Consider that HCPs will prescribe your brand at different rates across various markets at different points in the brand lifecycle. If your sales teams are armed with messages based on a one-size-fits-all strategy, they can’t break through the marketing noise to connect with HCPs. And if you are unaware of new and unrealized opportunities — from pre-launch to post-launch — you can’t take advantage of them.

Patient Journey Solution

Understand your target HCPs like never before

Through HCP Behavioral Dynamics’ blend of data, real-world experience and primary research, you can find out what truly motivates your audience. Our propensity-to-prescribe analytics engine provides a robust investigative framework to generate deep insights into HCP prescribing decisions and patterns. Plus, the process is portable to operate on client- or PRECISIONxtract-based data, and can produce a universe of variables.

How can PRECISIONxtract show you more about your targeted prescribers?

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