Proprietary Payer Data Master

State-of-the-art hierarchy and bridge files, updated in near real-time and connected to third-party, specialty, pharmacy, copay, hub and data sources

Reduce effort to connect the universe of complex healthcare data

  • Establish a series of actionable, recognizable and differentiated payer names through three hierarchical levels for use across managed markets reporting platforms
  • Provide a master payer spine and create a common definition of a payer for use across functional areas of a pharmaceutical company to allow meaningful integration of data across vendors
  • Support all major forms of third-party vendor data via bridge files; bridge files also available for specialty pharmacy data
  • Continuously review names and bridge files to capture the most current data available and appropriately classify payers in the most relevant manner, with updates delivered to client partners on a monthly basis

Third-Party Data Bridge

  • MMIT
  • BOT
  • DRG
  • CMS
  • AIS

Unmask BIN-PCN-GROUP IDs and connect to the rest of your payer data universe

  • First-of-its-kind, subscription-based translation service unmasks and connects complex payer information hidden in data sets
  • Subscribers can immediately master BIN-PCN-GROUP identifiers contained in specialty pharmacy, direct reporting pharmacy, hub, copay and other healthcare data sources via our BPGLookup tool (run demo)
  • Provides detailed channel descriptors for commercial health plans, employers, unions, worker’s compensation, ADAP, Medicare, EGWP, managed Medicaid, state Medicaid, and voucher programs
  • Unlocks previously unattainable level of analytical insights to multiple stakeholders—including pharmaceutical manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, payers, data aggregators, PBMs, EMR vendors, and hospital systems
  • Enables accurate measurement of transaction volume, the impact of data capture issues; helps control downstream delays in reimbursement
  • Powered by Precision’s cross-asset data clearinghouse; governed and stewarded by a dedicated team of payer data experts
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Start unmasking your data

Use an existing BIN-PCN-GROUP number and run a free test demo, on-demand!

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Contract Data Bridge

  • Optimize payer marketing profitability; decode contract rebate formulary information to match bid grid for accurate analysis of contract
    • Information from Rebate Submission Data
    • Formulary Name deciphered from Enrollment Files
    • Formulary Name translated to match published name
    • Formulary matched to Bid Grid Groupings

BlueIndigo Data Management

  • Account executives have ownership of formulary data flowing through the company
  • Improve data accuracy with account manager override capabilities and preemptive changes to future values, based on account intelligence
  • Experience significant savings in time and effort by replacing inefficient payer coverage-related communication across the organization
  • 24/7 online tool

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