Data System, Management and Insights for Oncology Brands

Leveraging relationships with key leaders across the U.S., OncoGenius monitors and analyzes oncology drug management decision-making at the local level.

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Giving oncology brands provider insights that put them in control

The volatile oncology landscape and its rising costs have created layers of complexity for pharmaceutical companies. For brand and market access leaders, a major challenge has been how best to optimize their brands when this volatility impacts them.

At the heart of this problem has been a lack of reliable data specific to provider groups. Before OncoGenius, there was no hard data to indicate the level of control providers had on access — and, more important, where a brand was disadvantaged against their competitors. Instead, brands relied on anecdotal, unverified data collected by field teams to assess access and control factors.

OncoGenius exists to give oncology brands access to this information.

Provider-driven drug utilization management within cancer is expected to grow by 50% between 2022 and 2025

Closely monitoring which products are getting approved and where

We give brand and market access leaders a view into the formularies, treatment plans and clinical pathways that are influencing pull-through of their products and competing products.

How do we do this? Oncologists, pharmacists and advisors from nearly 100 leading healthcare organizations across the U.S. participate in our recurring research. Armed with these local-level insights, our team of experienced pharma veterans helps you uncover actionable insights to develop targeted strategies.

OncoGenius does the heavy lifting for cancer drug brands

Oncology drug management decisions involve many players. Pharma teams rely on OncoGenius to do the research, unravel the complexity and provide insights that allow brands to build stronger measurement and brand strategies.

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